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Nutrition Groups

Recovery Group

Do you struggle with food and eating? Are you searching for support from peers who understand what you are going through?
Have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
Are your outpatient dietitian sessions not enough?
Have you been on multiple diets that failed?
Has your weight fluctuated up and down over the years?


Does food make you feel fear, guilt, or shame?

Groups are offered to help you find peace with food and peer support in recovery.

Benefits of Group in the Recovery Process

"Exposure to one’s own problems and pain as they are experienced in the lives of the others facing you can bring about change of an unforeseen kind with far-reaching consequences"-Schlapobersky

Groups nurture intimate conversation, which allows people to gain insight as well as see and observe eating disorders in relation to the group. When provided by a specialised and experienced dietitian, these groups can relieve isolation, provide education on eating disorder behaviors and medical consequences, Help with meal planning and preparation, resolve distress with grocery shopping and following the meal plan, provide healing and bring about changes to a person’s thoughts and emotions as well as their personal relations.

Research shows that people with eating disorders can often feel conflicted, suffer from low motivation and be reluctant to engage with treatment. When first seeking treatment, you may tend to feel alienated and distressed when coping with your illness in isolation.

Working in a group setting, making connections and sharing experiences of your own can provide you with the crucial opportunity to be heard and seen, helping them you understand that they are not alone.

Contact me at for more information regarding Nutrition Recovery Groups offered.

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